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Ian Howard Gives Outsource Profit Machine Workshop Feedback

My business is all about building other people’s businesses. One of the things I’ve really got to do and I took away from today, is to start looking at my own business: what systems I’ve got in place, how I can restructure those, how I can look at which systems can be outsourced. I’ll take away from today structuring what I need to outsource and what I don’t need to outsource.

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Luke Moulton Shares His Testimonial On OPM1

I host a marketing podcast called I also manage a basically lead generation site in the marine industry as well. I own and manage that. Also I’m developing basically an online website portfolio. Essentially I came here today with the view of I’m basically starting to set up an outsourcing crew. Today has been extremely valuable from the point of view of just seeing what all the processes that I need to set up to get it done properly are.

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OPM1 Feedback By Ben Stickland

I am one of the founders of Noble Samurai, the creators of Market Samurai. I’ve come along today to Pete and Dave’s workshop and I’m absolutely loving it. I think what they’ve done really, really well is got down to tin tacks, got down to specifics around how you go about hiring, how you go about managing, how you go about quality control, what sort of prices to pay.

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Brent Hodgson Gives OPM1 Review

What brought me here today was I wanted to learn about the processes and systems that Dave and Pete use in their outsourcing. Obviously they’ve been very successful in what they’ve done. There seems to be a lot of theory out there about how you should outsource. But there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of practical information on how to methodically outsource and actually get the right results.

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Cameron Bloomfield’s OPM1 Testimonial

If I had to put a value on what I’ve learnt through Dave and Pete’s Outsourcing Profit machine, it would be worth thousands to me over the course of the next year, but in years to come with the other number of businesses which I’m looking to start up, it would be worth hundreds of thousands to me. Knowing though how to outsource and tools to implement it, it really is priceless.

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Jennifer Sheahan’s Testimonial About OPM1

I came here today because I really want to learn how to implement outsourcing for my business. My business is growing really rapidly and I really wanted to learn methods of exactly how to do it. I know I need to do it, but I just didn’t know how to put it all into place. So far it has been really good. Not only have you learned what tools to use, but we’re learning how to do it.

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