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David Jenyns Review By Ed Dale

“Session four was the ridiculously young and good looking David Jenyns. Dave I was thrilled to get because he’s a machine. I hate Dave Jenyns. The reason I do is because I’m supremely jealous because he seems to produce an extraordinary amount over a number of different fields.

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Melbourne SEO Reviews & Rating By Madeleine Senior’s

We were advertising in local papers, Yellow Pages. We did have a website, but we’d never really done anything with it because it wasn’t a great site. Once the clientele started dropping down from Yellow Pages and other advertising, we knew that the Internet was where we had to make our goal. So we had a new website designed, unfortunately by a company that took ages. By the time that was up and running, we chose to use Melbourne SEO to boost our optimization. We’ve been doing that for six months now and it has probably doubled the amount of people visiting the site in a really short period of time. Most of those clients are coming forward as patients.

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James Schramko’s Testimonial On David Jenyns

is a very interesting young man. He was one of the first people who I found when I went online and I could see exactly what he was doing. He was doing the affiliate bonus model and he was doing it very well. So I went into a different market and did the same thing and lo and behold, that was my first successful affiliate campaign. I turned this into information products, and from the information products, I turned that into coaching. I kept applying it back, and now, I’m doing this over a number of different websites.

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Nic Lucas’ Feedback On David Jenyns

Dave Jenyns knows his stuff and uses it to help his clients. His reputation precedes him. Back in 2008 I delved deep into the online marketing industry to learn how they were using digital media for influence, but my BS detector was always going off. I then discovered a small group of individuals – like a vein of gold – who actually knew what they were doing, were authentic, full of integrity, and who delivered real results – and this is when I first heard about Dave.

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Brent Mail’s Testimonial On David Jenyns’ Business Coaching

I’m a professional photographer and I live in a small town just north of Newcastle. Basically we photograph families in a unique and special way. We do unposed photographs of kids and families running on the beach and just being themselves. That’s what I’ve been doing for the last ten years or so. I’ve been a professional photographer for about ten years.

I met Dave at a conference in Sydney about a year ago and called him up and basically begged him to coach me and it’s been awesome. I just want to thank you Dave for what you’ve done.

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Feedback On David Jenyns By Lesley Komlos & Greg Culver

We’ve been going for a few years now, acquiring clients and growing and building our team. I guess a few months ago, Lesley said that you were opening up for coaching and we were at the stage, or are still at the stage where we knew where we wanted to go but we didn’t quite have the clarity that we needed to probably get to that next level. Obviously knowing your journey and knowing where you are at now, we thought, really it’s a bit of a no-brainer to take it on so that we can actually get to that next level.

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Michael Hanson Reviews David Jenyns – Melbourne Based Business Coach

I’m Michael. I have a company called Video Labs and we help small to medium sized businesses with video. Before I started to even create Video Labs, I was working for Yellow Pages. I dealt with around 850 businesses. I worked in the UK and Australia, in Brisbane. I was doing well and then there was a shift, a massive shift and I probably lost about $500,000 in my portfolio of people. I knew from then that I needed to go into the online space because that was where it was all going.

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