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SEO Coach Review By Geoff Trabant

Well it really started when I just came to work with you Dave and I wondered what is SEO. I knew I needed a marketing team for my business because being an online bookkeeper I just need that aspect taken care of for me because I want to spend my time doing the bookkeeping. I asked Dave, what do you guys do? Pretty much it was looking to get a high Google ranking which I thing everyone looks towards.

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Online Marketing Coach Review By Cherlyn Kong

My family and I have a vacation rental business, actually businesses in Maui, Hawaii. The internet has been news to my parents who really want to come into the 21st century but it’s been a challenge for them. So I needed to seek out a way to have more business traffic coming and being converted to actual reservations. We’ve got great reviews on different websites as well as the book formats of reviews such as Frommer’s Guide and Lonely Planet. But for some reason people aren’t finding us.

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Ben Longly

Ben Longly Reviews David Jenyns – Scam Or Real Deal?

Well, I came across you guys originally just searching for SEO services. I guess I immediately took a liking to what you do and the information you were putting out. I’ve had a lot of different coaching and been through a lot of other services. I just thought you were a little bit different, the info was better quality and I just liked the vibe you were putting out. So I decided to contact you for a bit of help … there were a few emails to get the ball rolling and then I came in for a consultation.

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Melbourne SEO Services Review By Fabian Linge

Because you had been so open in the videos talking about the things that other people turn into ebooks and make money, it was a pretty easy step for me to go ahead and just click the Buy Now button…You don’t only have The SEO Method as download and a video coaching program but you also do the outsourcing.

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